The Nets Report #4

Ender's Game Cast/Crew News and Gossip

Hey, Launchies! I hope all of our East Coast friends are staying safe and dry during Hurricane Sandy (which happens to be my mom's name; she's never felt more popular). Be smart, guys!

Viola Davis (Major Anderson)

What she's up to: Viola Davis has been all over the place lately! Last month she made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show where she talked about one of her more recent films, Don't Back Down, a movie about two mothers trying to improve their local inner city school. Admitting that education was extremely important to her, Davis segued into the story of her friend's struggling charter school in Rhode Island (the Segway Institute) and was surprised by Shutterfly's gift of free year books and a $10,000 check in support of the school. We hope those kids are doing well!

Fashion Bomb Daily
Last Monday, Viola Davis was honored by the Chicago International Film Festival with the Career Achievement Award via Black Perspectives, "a program within the festival that recognizes films and actors from the black diaspora." (Gapers Block)

And then, just this past Thursday, Davis attended the 29th Annual Fashion Group International Night Of Stars in New York City, a night to honor achieving designers in the fashion industry.

In Ender's Game news, Viola Davis recently admitted in an interview with that she did not read the novel before beginning work on the film. Her comments:

"[I]n the book, Major Anderson is actually a male, so by the time… I just felt like this is a different character and I didn't feel like I could learn anything from reading the book as much as I could learn something from kind of studying the psychology of people who have come back from war and experience post-traumatic stress disorder and I thought that was much more valuable for me."

What do you guys think? Did you ever consider Major Anderson as someone suffering from PTSD? Does this possibly give us an insight on Anderson's character in the film?


Hailee Steinfeld (Petra Arkanian)

What she's up to: Hailee recently arrived back in New Orleans to begin filming on her new film Hateship, Friendship, though she admitted on Twitter that the city simply wasn't the same without the rest of her Ender's Game cast mates.

The young actress also looked lovely at Teen Vogue's 10th Anniversary Young Hollywood Party last month. Check out more photos on Zimbio!

Our favorite recent tweet: @HaileeSteinefld I'm on my way to Fairfax High School to kick off National Teen Driver Safety Week. Can't wait to start my lessons w MBDALA. #drivesafe  !!

Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker)

Still hard at work on his new show The First Family, Khylin recently had the opportunity to receive singing instruction from his fellow co-star and the "Empress of Soul" herself, Gladys Knight. According to TMZ, one scene required her onscreen grandchildren to sing on key and Knight stepped up to gave them a quick on-set lesson. Here they are singing "This Little Light of Mine" behind-the-scenes:

Our recent favorite tweet: @KhyRhambo the day all my Ender's game family reunites will be an epic/legendary day.

Aramis Knight (Bean)

What he's up to: Aramis seems to be attending school, as well as spending a lot of fun time with family and friends lately: including attending a Halloween party last night. His costume? We'll let you check it out yourselves:

You're welcome.

Our recent favorite tweet: @AramisKnight88 Can't wait for next Halloween. They'll have flash suit costumes.


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367 days to go!

Free Fan-Made "Ender's Game" Bracelets!

Thanks to EN reader Hannah, I have ~100 of these super cool bracelets to give away. "Enders Game" is written on one side and "Launchie" on the other. I mean, we're all Launchies around here, right?

Please note: These bracelets are 100% fan made, not for sale, and are in no way affiliated with anything officially Ender's Game. They are just for fun, and hopefully something you can wear that will help attract friends and family members to the project!

How you can get one: It's super easy! No contest or craziness this time around. Simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

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For international EN readers, it's kind of tricky. According to Wikipedia, everyone not currently in the US can buy what are called "international reply coupons" which I can exchange for postage stamps here. Jeremy Goh has a good tutorial on how to do that on his blog.

Here are the correct postage rates:

USA: $1.95
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If anyone has any questions about postage or anything else, please comment below and I'll try to help you as best as I can.

Please stick to the one bracelet per person idea - don't send me requests for bracelets for your mother, sister, doctor, pastor, etc. They can request their own. :)

388 days until the Ender's Game movie hits US theaters. We're all still excited, right? :)

Jimmy Jax Pinchak's Holiday Contest: Design a Greeting Card!

Hey everyone! Fun news for you: Peter actor Jimmy Jax Pinchak has launched a Holiday-themed contest and has invited all Ender's Game fans to enter!

Taken from Jimmy's Facebook page:
Who is up for a contest? Putting it out there....Jimmy Jax needs a design for a killer 2012 holiday greeting card. "Happy Holidays" from Jimmy Jax Pinchak.

 What you can win: Winning design will receive the first autographed numbered print, 1/300. Winning artist will be credited the front of he card. $50.00 for the artist and a $50.00 contribution for a charity of winners choice. Winner will receive thirty signed greeting cards. Winner will also have the option to design next years greeting card, right before the release of Ender's Game!

Rules: Card must read "Happy Holidays". Art work must be original without using photos of other cast members. Make it fun, make it real, make it "Wiggin Worthy".

Deadline is November 10th, 2012. Winner will be announced on November 15th.
All artwork and designs must be original.Contestants are allowed TWO entries.
Ender's Game, "Peter Wiggin" are NOT be printed anywhere on the card.
Artist may use a photo, sketch or painting of Jimmy Jax Pinchak only.
We do not have permission to use any other cast members photo or likeness.
This contest is sponsored by Jimmy Jax Pinchak and is not affiliated with Ender's Game.
These cards will NOT be sold OR available to purchase.
Two hundred and eighty greeting cards will be mailed to the fans as a gift from Jimmy Jax.
All artwork will be owned by Jimmy Jax Pinchak Inc.

Stonehouse Collection
Please forward all questions and your artwork to
along with your name, age and email address.

It's really great how so many of the cast and crew members are interacting in the Ender's Game fandom, giving fans opportunities to participate and keeping us up-to-date with pictures, videos, and other silliness. Can't wait to see what the next year is going to bring!

If you like this contest and plan on participating, make sure you head over to Jimmy's Facebook page and tell him so! Don't forget to "like" the page while you're there! :)

Ender News is also on Facebook. You can check us out there as well if you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest Ender's Game news right in your Facebook feed.

Thanks, Jimmy!

Edit: Jimmy has let us know that he has added a super secret prize that will especially excite Ender's Game fans -- so be creative!

Happy 13th Birthday, Aramis Knight!

"I wanted a TOON for my birthday!"

Bean actor Aramis Knight turns 13-years-old today! All of us here at Ender News wish him super well. :)

Make sure to head over to Twitter and wish Aramis Knight a very happy birthday!