Winners: A Battle School Christmas

Hey Launchies! There's hot chocolate on the stove and presents to investigate so I'm going to make this one short and sweet.

Here are the winners of our fandom-wide holiday giveaway:

Reuben Lack - a signed photo of Aramis Knight and an EN sticker

Elaria Rain - a copy of the Entertainment Weekly magazine with the Ender's Game still and an EN sticker

Katelyn Lui, Alex Guerra, Francis Leclair, Anne Fink, Jessican Guitard - 1 EN sticker, an UNOFFICIAL fan-made bracelet and a SDCC 2012 pin

Congratulations to everyone who won! You've all been contacted via email/Twitter/Facebook and have until January 3rd to send us your mailing address. If we hear nothing from you by then, we'll pick a new winner and your prize will go to them -- let's not let that happen!

If you didn't win, rest assured that this is not the last giveaway that'll be popping up around here. Far from it! The most exciting stuff in the Ender's Game fandom is yet to come and we're really looking forward to upcoming opportunities to offer you guys more fun prizes.

Happy Holidays, everyone. And stay safe! The weather outside is frightful.
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