Introducing the Launchie Barracks: First Still Break-Down

Hey guys! Here's a fun break-down of all the interesting tidbits we ran across while we had our noses stuck in the newly-released still this morning!

Launchie Yellow: While the majority of the barracks is covered in steel grays and blues, the numbers on the floor, the bedding, and even the flight suit of the girl across from Ender are all a vibrant shade of yellow. It's possible that this is the color that separates the Launchies from the rest of the Battle School soldiers. In the book, Dap does give them the color code "red yellow yellow" --  perhaps the army members will similarly be assigned one specific color.

Nametags: Remember the name tags they showed us on the official production blog?

The girl across from Ender seems to be wearing an identical name tag, most likely her last name written both in capital letters and in braille as seen on the right.

EW.com reported that this confrontation between Graff and Ender happens "early on at [Ender's] time in the Battle School," so it seems safe to assume that these name tags are standard wear for every student and I.F. personnel member residing on the space station.

Graff's Badge: On Colonel Graff's right arm, there appears to be some sort of insignia we haven't seen before.  The logo of the International Fleet is situated above a triangular shape I can't quite make out.

Perhaps this is a symbol of his rank as Colonel or an insignia worn by the Fleet members employed at Battle School. Edit: The insignia on Graff's uniform appears to be a chevron,  a "line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V, esp. one on the sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service." (Google) Thanks to EN reader Shanti for the tip!

I.F. Logo: The insignia of the International Fleet is also displayed in a very prominent spot in the back of the barracks, most likely the first thing you'd see when you walked in.

I predict that this symbol will be plastered almost ominously around every corner in Battle School. Doesn't it almost look like an eye?

Bunk Arrangement: Here is Card's description of Ender's first look at the Launchie barracks:
 "The other boys had already chosen their bunks when Ender arrived. Ender stopped in the doorway of the dormitory, looking for the sole remaining bed. The ceiling was low Ender could reach up and touch it. A child-size room, with the bottom bunk resting on the floor. The other  boys were watching him, cornerwise. Sure enough, the bottom bunk right by the door was the only empty bed." - Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
From the photo, we can assume that there are 12 students in the barracks, each standing on a number. Ender himself appears to be standing on the number 2. This leads us to believe that the door to the barracks is nearby, possibly where the camera would be situated in this photograph, and that the bunks are arranged in numerical order in 3 groups of 4s, starting at the door and headed to the back.

This is pure speculation, but doesn't it look like Ender might be in the low bunk by the door? I hope this is something fun they chose to include in the film. Perhaps Ender and Alai are bunkmates!

Desks: It looks like we might be also be getting out first look at the desks. Hanging on the wall beside each bunk, there is a small ipad-type screen with a chair in front of it. The monitors look adjustable and like they might be detachable. On the far left, you can almost make out what is possibly a face on one of the displays.

While these could just be monitors used for Battle School communication, it wouldn't make much sense for every bunk to have their own. Looks like the desks to me!

And here's one last fun fact: When I visited the Ender's Game set with my friends from the other Ender sites, we got to visit the Launchie barracks in person -- and lounge on the beds! I even touched some socks. :) 


What do you guys think? Are there any other fun things hidden in this still? Email us at endernews@gmail.com or comment here and let us know!
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