Cast at Hailee Steinfeld's 16th Birthday Party

Hailee Steinfeld, the actress portraying Petra Arkanian in next year's film, celebrated her 16th birthday in Los Angeles last night with family, friends, and a major splash of young Hollywood.

Lucky for us, the party was a great excuse for the Ender's Game cast to get together for another mini reunion; those who were in the area showed up to support their friend and enjoy the night.

Khylin, Hailee and Aramis
Aramis, Khylin, Moises + Jaden Smith and Mateo Arias

Hailee with Mia Swier, Darren Criss, & Alexander DeLeon

Aramis Knight and Khylin Rhambo

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Happy 16th birthday, Hailee! We hope last night was a blast.
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