The Nets Report #5

Ender's Game Cast/Crew News and Gossip

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope all of you Americans had a lovely family and friends-filled day and didn't overdo it this morning with all of the post-turkey coma shopping.

Just popping in for a a quick update on what a couple of our favorite cast/crew members have been up to these past few weeks:

Traditional Thanksgiving Touch Football Game: Garrett Warren vs. Jimmy Jax Pinchak

Every year on Thanksgiving, Ender's Game stunt coordinator Garrett Warren and Peter Wiggin actor Jimmy Jax Pinchak get together with friends and family for a game of touch football.

When asked which team was going to win this year, Mr. Warren assured us that "the old timers will win as always!" (Twitter) but Jimmy disagreed:
Little bit of trivia. Garrett Warren (stunt coordinator on Ender's Game) and I have been playing touch football on Thanksgiving since 2004! I was thrilled to see him on the Ender's set ! Looking forward to our traditional game next Thursday! Watch out Garrett, all of those sit-ups and push-ups paid off! (Facebook)
And it seems he was right! A few of the younger crowd must have done some growing up this past year as, according to the old-timer himself, this was the first time the adults have lost to the kids. I wonder if the adults took it well!

They were both kind enough to share a couple photos of the event:


Thanks, guys!

Speaking of Garrett Warren, if you've ever wondered what's up with his eye patch and happened to miss his appearance on Dateline NBC, you can hear about his crazy story on last week's episode of the Jeff Probst Show: Kidnapped & Buried Alive: Real Crime Stories. Watch the full episode here!

The Cab's "Endlessly" video featuring Hailee Steinfeld

No explanation necessary. Check it out!

Lucky for us: Hailee, Teen Vogue, and a handy iPhone teamed together to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video, which you can find here. Make sure you scroll through the slideshow -- there is a fun back story behind Hailee's involvement with The Cab and how she came to star in the Endlessly video!

By the way, is this Buggers and Astronauts band ever going to get off the ground? You guys wouldn't have a hard time finding a star for your first shoot! ;)

342 days to go.
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