Around 60% of "Ender's Game" Will Include Visual Effects

Ivy Zhong, vice-chairperson of Galloping Horse, the company now responsible for the VFX in Ender's Game, confirmed today in an article with China Daily that, despite Digital Domain's recent troubles, the studio is in fact currently working on the film. The article also revealed a new and rather interesting tidbit: as much as 60 percent of next year's movie will contain special effects.

That might be more than many of us have expected for a movie which, while set in a futuristic world, mostly revolves around characters holed up in a space station. But think about the possibilities: we're already counting on the Battle Room being epic, but there's also the mind game (we hope), war flashbacks, and the advanced technology and gadgets we love to see in all of our favorite sci-fi movies.

It will also be rather interesting to see how they've incorporated special effects into Ender's final exam. Not to give too much away, but if the filmmakers would subject the audience to 20 minutes of Ender sitting in front of the the flashing dots of the simulator with his headset on, they'd put us all to sleep. How will they conceal the twist in the plotline yet still keep the viewers on the edge of their seats? Will there be an epic space battle? Will the simulator bring his challenge to life or will the exam appear to Ender as a super complicated version of Pac Man?

It feels really great to say this: we have less than a year until we find out.

Additionally, Lionsgate held a conference call with financial analysts today where Ender's Game was briefly mentioned - and a comment was made that might be a bit exciting for the fandom:
Like on Twilight, Hunger Games – and by the way, our very exciting franchise Ender’s Game as well – we constantly are focused on working with our book sales around the world. Fan engagement is always a critical part of the way we market these franchises. We’re constantly in communication with our fan base and we do that on a worldwide basis on an ongoing basis.
Even though it is pretty quiet around here now, we will take Mr. Friedman at his word and expect great and exciting things to come for the Ender's Game community as the release date draws a bit closer!

Anyone else loving the word "franchise" these days? :)
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