Free Fan-Made "Ender's Game" Bracelets!

Thanks to EN reader Hannah, I have ~100 of these super cool bracelets to give away. "Enders Game" is written on one side and "Launchie" on the other. I mean, we're all Launchies around here, right?

Please note: These bracelets are 100% fan made, not for sale, and are in no way affiliated with anything officially Ender's Game. They are just for fun, and hopefully something you can wear that will help attract friends and family members to the project!

How you can get one: It's super easy! No contest or craziness this time around. Simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Ender News
c/o Kelly Severs
30 Howard St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
and I will get you one in the mail! (Plus a SDCC pin. View updated post here!) Cool, right? Read more about how to send a SASE here. :)

For international EN readers, it's kind of tricky. According to Wikipedia, everyone not currently in the US can buy what are called "international reply coupons" which I can exchange for postage stamps here. Jeremy Goh has a good tutorial on how to do that on his blog.

Here are the correct postage rates:

USA: $1.95
International: $3.00

If anyone has any questions about postage or anything else, please comment below and I'll try to help you as best as I can.

Please stick to the one bracelet per person idea - don't send me requests for bracelets for your mother, sister, doctor, pastor, etc. They can request their own. :)

388 days until the Ender's Game movie hits US theaters. We're all still excited, right? :)
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