The Nets Report #3

Ender's Game Cast/Crew News and Gossip

Seems like it's time for a bit of fun around here to lighten the mood! Let's see what a couple of our favorite Ender's Game cast members are up to these days...

Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker)

What he's up to: The last week of August, Khylin Rhambo started filming on his new sitcom The First Family, a show following the often comedic lives of the President and his family in the White House. Many lucky viewers had a chance to check out the Pilot episode (which was filmed earlier this year) this past weekend, but for the rest of us, The First Family begins airing on October 5th.

In the show, Khylin plays Charles, a character he himself describes as "always happy," "mischievous," and  "into the ladies."

If you want to check out what Khylin and the rest of the cast are up to on The First Family, you should follow the show on their Facebook page -- they've promised to keep us updated!


Our favorite recent tweet: @KhyRhambo Made a milkshake. Had to call the cops to escort the men off my yard.

Abigail Breslin (Valentine Wiggin)

What she's up to: Making music, in part! Abigail was featured in the newest single of Stargroves, an alternative indie band from NYC. The song is called Westfjords and you can listen to it here.

If you're interested in hearing more from Abigail Breslin, she's also a member of a band called CABB with her good friend, actress Cassidy Reiff. Head over to YouTube to listen to their song "Well Wishes."

Our favorite recent tweet: @yoabbaabba No, you can never have too many pumpkin (autumn in general) scented candles.


Also: Heads up, guys! Ever wondered why stunt coordinator Garrett Warren wears an eyepatch? Check out his story this Friday (September 28th) on Dateline NBC. The episodes are usually available afterward to watch online if you can't catch it live!

The Nets Report is an Ender News series dedicated to keeping the fandom up-to-date with cast news and gossip until the movie's release in November 2013. Updates every couple of weeks!

402 days to go! (We hope.)
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