Introducing: The I.F. Files - An Enderverse Directory

Hey everybody! We're really excited to show you guys a new part of Ender News we've been working on the past few weeks: a comprehensive Ender's Game book and movie directory called The I.F. Files.

From the main page:
Ever since Bean made a few trips through the ventilation system in Ender's Shadow, we've been aware that the International Fleet keeps detailed dossiers on every student who has ever set foot in Battle School, as well as on their family and friends. This is a compilation of those files.

While this directory will contain book and movie spoilers, our point of time in Ender's universe is before the major event in Ender's Game is happening. We do not give away the ending of the book or anything that happens after that event. At our point in time, the Formics are a veritable threat to humanity, Ender has made his way through Battle School, and we know nothing about the adult life of any of our child protagonists.

A Few Features:

Biographies: We've been working hard these past few weeks to add extensive biographies for not only all book and movie characters, but also for the cast and crew of Ender's Game, especially for all lesser-known cast members who do not yet have a presence on Wikipedia, a biography on IMDB, etc.

Timeline: Each of the cast/crew member files has a special timeline section that makes it easy to keep track of Ender News blog posts, external links, and events related to the subject. Here's an example from Aramis Knight's file:

All of the timeline records are clickable and take you right to the mentioned article, whether it's from Ender News, YouTube, or the Official Production Blog.

Quotes: Apart from character quotes from the Ender's Game novel (and there are a lot!), we now have a place to keep track of our favorite quotes from the cast and production team. Once publicity for the movie begins and everyone starts popping up in interviews, this will be intensely useful. Right now we're just using it to save some of our favorite tweets!

By the way, did you know that Battle School students Vlad and Dumper don't have a single line in the book?

Birthday Calendar: Since there are so many people whose birthdays we know you all want to keep track of, we created a fun page to make it easier. You can also always view all upcoming birthdays on the main page -- and please remember, not everyone is listed; we can only list the birthdays we know!

Video Records: Every time we post a video on Ender News or link to one in a record, the video will show up on the I.F. Videos page. Right now there aren't so many but that will definitely change soon: whatever happened to that cast band idea? Buggers and Astronauts, right? ;)

Historical Files: This is a work in progress! All historical and fictional characters mentioned in Ender's Game will have their own file where you can read all about their appearance in the novel. Did you know Alexander the Great was referenced more than any other historical figure?

So, that's it: The I.F. Files. We really hope you guys enjoy this new part of the site. Over time, we think it'll grow into something pretty cool. And keep checking back: not only will we be adding to the files as fun stuff comes in, we have so many more ideas for upcoming topics, features, quizzes, and maybe even some games!

We intend to eventually add everyone who has a recognizable role in the movie. This includes extra cast such as stand-ins, doubles or minor characters. If you've been involved with Ender's Game and find yourself missing in our files, you're welcome to contact us and we'll add a file for you.

Also, please keep in mind: none of this can exist without your help. Find a mistake? Is something factually incorrect? Have additional information? Email us and let us know.
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