Comic-Con Swag Giveaway -- The Winners!

Here you go, guys. I suppose this is what everyone has been waiting for: the winners!


#2568 Shelli Weinstein


#2550 A.J. Murphy
#2659 Sevan
#2594 James
#2551 Haha Maimai
#2532 Rich Reed
#2548 Pete Salisbury
#2540 Rita
#2571 Michelle Lemieux
#2546 Hans Olo
#2529 Caroline Elizabeth Kruczynski

All of the winners need to send their shipping address to endernews@gmail.com -- some of you we've messaged on Facebook but that wasn't possible for everyone. :)

If you didn't win this time, don't despair! Not only will we be having other giveaways in the future, but you can also participate in our Reading Ender's Game Photo Challenge -- it runs all the way through September and there will be a prize for the best submission!

Make sure to like Ender News on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of our fun activities, contests and giveaways.

Congrats, all!
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