The Nets Report #2

Ender's Game Cast/Crew News and Gossip

It's been a bit quiet around the Ender's Game fandom lately, the beginning of a lull which was only to be expected with still well over a year to go until the film hits theaters. But we must battle through!

Jimmy Jax Pinchak (Peter Wiggin)

What he's up to: Making music! Obviously a guy of many talents, Pinchak recently gave his fans a preview of one of his new songs, "Tell Me." Check it out:

What do you guys think? We can't wait to hear more from him! 

Our favorite recent tweet: @JimmyJaxPinchak Bought this awesome pocket sized Constitution at the capital the other day! Already read it twice!

Aramis Knight (Bean)

What he's up to: If his Twitter is anything to go by, he seems to be spending the summer with his family as well as travelling a bit. Here's a fun picture of him representing Ender's Game in NYC this past weekend:


If you've already seen The Dark Knight Rises, you may have noticed that Knight played the young boy who swiped an apple and was rescued by Anne Hathaway's character Selina aka Catwoman. Did everyone spot him?

Fun Fact: Knight recently admitted on Twitter that he was named after Aramis from The Three Musketeers!

Our favorite recent tweet: @AramisKnight88 Loved the letter and Olivia is going to where that necklace all the time! Thanks! @OliviaGallegos7  pic.twitter.com/ZfSTURAy

Garrett Warren (Stunt Coordinator)

Everyone should know who this man is. Previously having worked on huge films such as Avatar, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, and Sin City, all of the amazing null-gravity action we're going to see in the Battle Room come next November will be thanks to this guy.

As Orson Scott Card said in his set visit report: "[I]f Garrett Warren doesn't get a special technical Oscar for his achievement on this film, then there truly ain't no justice."

Here's a picture of him and a shaved ice:



What he's up to: According to his Twitter, Warren is headed back to NOLA this fall to work on another film, possibly Kitamura's 2013 action film Marble City, which is reported to be filming in Louisiana.

Our favorite recent tweet: @Gwarren333 I miss you more! All of the Enders cast. You have become family. I'm home in one week. Let's get everyone together!!!

Make sure to give him a follow and wish him well!


The Nets Report is an Ender News series dedicated to keeping the fandom up-to-date with cast news and gossip until the movie's release in November 2013. Updates every couple of weeks!

448 days to go.
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