Suraj Partha Sings John Mayer's "Dreaming With A Broken Heart"

So, it looks like Jimmy Jax Pinchak isn't the only musically-inclined member of the Ender's Game cast!

While working on an EN project this morning, I came across this YouTube channel (which I'm assuming is ran by a member of his family) and am a bit blown away at how talented Suraj Partha is:

Why in the world didn't they give him a song when he appeared on Glee this past season? A completely wasted opportunity.

Okay, here's what needs to happen, in my opinion: Partha, Pinchak, and every other Ender's Game cast member who can sing or play an instrument (which, by now I'm assuming they all can) need to get together and record some music.

Better yet, they could all form a band. Call themselves "Buggers and Astronauts" or something similar... unless you guys have a better band name. Any suggestions?

Head over to Twitter and let Suraj Partha and Jimmy Jax Pinchak know how much forming a band (or at least recording some new music!) would help us through the next 442 days.

No pressure, gentlemen.
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