Reading "Ender's Game" -- A Photo Challenge

As most of you probably already know, Ender News launched a feature of the site back in May called Battle School Armies where fans of the series can sign up, join an army, and compete against other soldiers/armies in Ender's Game trivia battles

Another way to earn points for your army has been by participating in occasional challenges which are posted in the forum. These have been loads of fun so far: we've designed promo posts, written newspaper headlines, and even designed our own Pop-Tart themed ipod cases!

We want to open up this next challenge to those who visit the site but don't necessarily pop into the forum. And since we definitely seem to have a few new people waiting around to see the results of the giveaway, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a bit of fun.

Challenge #7: Reading Ender's Game

Your task is to submit a photo of someone reading Ender's Game - but be creative! Since the location and subject of your photo are both entirely up to you, the crazier your picture is, the better! What sort of staged Ender's Game-reading scenarios can you come up with? A construction worker reading on the job? Perusing the novel in the shower? Flipping through Ender's story while you're in Calculus and meant to be figuring out limits?

There are really only three rules:

- No obvious photoshop: should be a real photo and not something you drew/manipulated on your computer
- No nudity/vulgarity. Use common sense, please.
- A copy of Ender's Game must be included in the photo

Email your submissions to endernews@gmail.com with the subject "Photo Challenge," and include your Battle School alias/army name if applicable. Please try to send in the photo in its original size (or at least fairly large) as this makes it easier for us to crop/resize the images for the site.

All valid entries will be displayed in a gallery once they start coming in. And it's possible that the top 10 submissions will be picked by us and the very best will be voted on in a poll. It's also possible that the winner will receive a prize, so put on your thinking caps!

Challenge ends September 30th and all EN army members will receive 15 points for their submission.

Have fun, guys! And remember: imagination is key.
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