IMDB Updates: New International Release Dates, Minor Roles

The Internet Movie Database has recently been updated with some new international release dates, an update which may be interesting for all Ender's Game fans in the United Kingdom and Germany:

USA:November 1, 2013
UK:October 25, 2013
Germany:October 31, 2013

These dates have all been confirmed by Summit, and while it's still early enough for them to be changed, it looks likely that some fans on the other side of the Atlantic are going to get a chance to see the movie before everyone in the States. Lucky!

IMDB is also listing some new cast members, all of which seem to have played minor backround roles. We cannot confirm any of these castings at the moment, but we've had pretty good luck with IMDB so far. Check it out:

Matt Cipro:Soldier
Malik Peters:Launchie / Dragon
Yung Swizz'Agg:Sammy
King Hoey:Cadet / Launchie

Photo © Emily Winter
While unconfirmed, it's good to see "Launchie" being used here. Some feared this was a term they would be leaving out altogether.

What may be most interesting about this update is the use of the word "Cadet." While pondering the difference between a cadet and a Battle School student, I remembered coming across this photo from one of the Ender's Game extras.

This is one of the t-shirts handed out to the actors/actresses toward the end of filming. If you look on the right-hand side, you'll see that "Eros Cadets" is printed on the back. Although the word isn't used in the Ender's Game novel, it seems that the soldiers who make it all the way to Eros and thus Command School in the film are possibly given the title of "Cadet," a term used for trainees at military academies such as West Point, USNA, etc. Would make sense!

On the left-hand side of the photo there's a slightly bizarre quote which reads, "While I am no doubt beautiful, I am not your mother." Seems like an inside joke of some sort, or perhaps the individual cast members were allowed to choose what they had written on the front. If anyone knows what this quote means, please send an email our way!

Anyone want to take a guess at who this "Sammy" character could be? :)

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