EN Comic-Con Swag Giveaway!

What we're giving away: 

One Ender's Game t-shirt and a handful of the SDCC Ender's Game pins pictured above.

How to enter the raffle:

Sign in and visit this post on the Ender News forum. Leave a message stating you'd like to be the recipient of some cool Ender's Game freebies. ( Actually, you can say whatever you want. Chill out, guys. :D )

You have until midnight EST on August 31 to enter the raffle. At that point, the post will be closed and we will use a random number generator to pick the winners. The first number we draw will receive the t-shirt. The others (~10) will receive one SDCC Ender's Game pin.

We will post the names of the winners both here on the blog and in the forum on September 1st!

A couple things to note:

- Everyone may enter the raffle exactly once. All double entries will be deleted.

- There will be other giveaways! We have a boatload of pins and a couple other t-shirts to hand out to lucky Launchies so make sure to keep checking back.

Good luck, guys. And don't forget to tweet @mikethemovieguy and thank him for making this giveaway possible! :)
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