Vote for "Ender's Game" in NPR's Summer Books Poll!

Each year, National Public Radio (NPR) holds a summer books poll, asking its readers to help create a recommended list of the top 100 titles of a certain genre. In last year's list, the Top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels, Ender's Game made it to #3 -- but not on its own! As soon as they heard about the poll, the staff over at Ender's Ansible started a campaign amongst Ender's fans, encouraging them to vote for the Orson Scott Card novel.

And hey, it worked!

This year's category is Young Adult Fiction. If you'd like to see Ender's Game hold a top spot again this year (and if you're reading this, of course you do!), here's how you can help:

Visit NPR.org and create an account (or log-in if you have one already). In the comments section of that same post, write the titles and authors of the books you wish to nominate, Ender's Game obviously being one of them. It's that easy!

Here are some guidelines for nominations:
1. Limit yourself to five titles per post. Don't hesitate to nominate a book that someone else has already listed; your entry will count as a vote that will help that title progress to the next round.

2. Nominate "multivolume novels" as one work. The Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games trilogy, for example, will be judged as single, collective works — so don't bother listing the separate titles in the series.

3. That said, not all series are "multivolume novels." To be judged as a collective work, the books in a series must be written by the same originating author or authors and must tell a more or less continuous story — usually about a consistent group of characters. So, you can't nominate the whole Goosebumps series as such, but you can nominate The Horror at Camp Jellyjam as an individual work.
As soon as NPR has closed the post for nominations, they'll create a list and then we'll be able to vote for our favorites. Once that happens, we'll make another post to let you know.

Until then, spread the word to everyone you know who is an Ender's Game fan. I've no doubt that we can all come together as a fandom and help get Ender's story on the list of the Top 100 Young Adult Novels -- we all know it deserves to be there!
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