Kyle Clements to Portray Young Mazer Rackham

When we reported a few weeks ago that gas masks were going to be making an appearance in Ender's Game, we instantly began speculating what they could be used for. A childhood play thing? Part of the design of the intricately designed spacesuits? Some guesswork from our article:
At some point during the film, it seems likely we'll see some flashbacks, footage, or "vids" from the Second Invasion. When the battle was over and Mazer Rackham's men were about to search the Formic starships, none of them could have had any idea what they might find aboard. They would probably have dressed to prepare for all sorts of intense scenarios, scenarios that might have included ones which dealt with airborne toxins.
While we still can't be sure whether costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark has utilized the gas masks as part of the spacesuits or if they are simply being used as props, we now know that the chances of seeing flashbacks of the Second Invasion are pretty good, as it's been confirmed that Kyle Clements will be appearing in the movie as a younger version of Sir Ben Kingsley's character, Mazer Rackham.

Kyle Clements is a New Orleans-based actor who can most recently be seen in Peter Berg's action film Battleship and in A&E's drama series Breakout Kings. He tweeted late last night that he's officially wrapped his scenes as young Rackham and praised the cast and crew he's had the opportunity to work with these past few days.

"This film," he wrote, "will truly be fantastic."

The inclusion of a young Mazer Rackham in the film doesn't only increase the likelihood of getting a look at the Second Invasion, but it may also help us gain insight into Rackham's character. Was he once like Ender, "reckless, brilliant and young?" What would it have been like to leave your wife and children behind forever for the chance to save humanity?

Principal photography is scheduled to wrap in New Orleans on June 8th.
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