Khylin Rhambo on "First Family," "Ender's Game"

Khylin Rhambo and family
Earlier this week, Khylin Rhambo attended the launch event of Entertainment Studios' fall program, a line-up which includes his new show First Family. The sitcom, which follows the hectic lives of the President and his family in the White House, was recently picked up by NBC for a huge initial 104-episode order.

JJ Snyder from Red Carpet Report covered the launch party and had a chance to speak to Khylin about his role in the new show and, of course, Ender's Game

The pilot episode of First Family was filmed earlier this year, and Rhambo seemed excited about the experience, his fellow cast members, and his character. "I play Charles, the president's son and, you know, he's a funny... he's always happy. I love playing that type of character. He's always happy, he's mischievous, he's into the ladies. [...] It's a really fun character to play."

The conversation soon turned to Ender's Game:
You have a lot coming up in the next year, right?

Yeah, definitely. I just got done filming Ender's Game, a film that was with Harrison Ford, Viola Davis, and Sir Ben Kingsley. So that was a really good learning experience for me as an actor and I'm really excited.

So you felt like you really took a jump forward in that, huh?

Oh yeah. I mean, that was my first movie so it was really cool that I got to experience that as my first movie.
Later in the interview, Synder asked him to elaborate a bit more on the film and the creative process of getting the alien Buggers on the big screen:
We want to know a little bit more about Ender's Game.

Yeah, so I play Dink Meeker in Ender's Game and he's like a boy genius and he's close to the main character. And you know, we have this big journey of like, fighting these aliens and it's a really cool story that I'm excited to be a part of. And I read the books, the books are amazing so... it's really cool. I'm stoked. I can't even believe this has really happened so...

You know when they have a lot of aliens in a movie, you know, some of them I know are kind of puppets, some are CGI. What were these aliens?

These were CGI. I mean, we never really see the aliens but I saw, you know, the whole layout of them.
Check out the video for the full interview:

First Family is set to begin production this summer and will premiere this fall on NBC.

Thanks to EnderNet for the heads-up! :)
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