Production Blog #7 - A Bit of a Workout and Dragon Army

Ah, Wednesday. Back to the regularly scheduled program. :)

This week we've been given a look at what seems to be a few cast members hitting the mats and honing their physical prowess. I'd quite honestly love to see a photo taken about 5 seconds after this one:

Very hard to make out who's who in this photo but let's give it a shot. The cast in an arch from left to right:

Khylin Rhambo - Dink Meeker
Michael Provost - He's rumored to be Asa Butterfield's photo double.
Moises Arias - Bonzo Madrid. This could possibly also be Aramis Knight (Bean). Hard to tell!
Brandon Soo Hoo - Fly Molo
Suraj Partha - Alai
Chris Coakley - Friend of Stilson's
Caleb Thaggard - Stilson

There is someone hidden between Partha and Coakley but I could only guess as to who that may be.

It's possible the man in the back (middle) is either Garrett Warren or Mark Ginther, Ender's Game stunt coordinator and assistant stunt coordinator respectively.

The accompanying text:
You think your school was clique-ish?  In Battle School, you are part of an army, each represented by its own iconic symbol.  Lately, Dragon Army has come to be known as a repository of misfits and failures.  As a member of this unit, you’re supposed to live, breathe (fire?) and fight as one cohesive and selfless unit.  Success as one.  Defeat as one.  Unfortunately for Dragon Army, their reputation is the latter.

Ender will be tasked with restoring this tarnished symbol.  Will they follow him?

This rather leads us to believe that this is a picture of Dragon Army, but the photo seems to be entirely unrelated to the text, as well as rather old: Caleb Thaggard left the set weeks ago. Besides, Stilson and his buddy there could only dream of making it to Battle School. ;)


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