Gas Masks in "Ender's Game"

A local Michigan news source posted a fun article yesterday about a special type of gas mask produced by Avon Protection Systems, a Michigan-based company which specializes in "respiratory protection solutions." According to the article, the company's gas masks have gained popularity as props for Hollywood blockbusters and will be making an appearance in, you guessed it, the upcoming Ender's Game movie!

From the article:
Mike Hamner, Vice President of Operations says, "They're chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear masks. they're respitory protection for the troops."

It's no wonder Hollywood is calling, the dramatic looking gas masks are made for catastrophic events. A popular theme at the box office.

So far the Michigan-made products have been used in some big name movies like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Contagion, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The masks will also be in Enders Game with Harrison Ford.
Gas masks in Ender's Game? What will they be used for? Here's one guess:

At some point during the film, it seems likely we'll see some flashbacks, footage, or "vids" from the Second Invasion. When the battle was over and Mazer Rackham's men were about to search the Formic starships, none of them could have had any idea what they might find aboard. They would probably have dressed to prepare for all sorts of intense scenarios, scenarios that might have included ones which dealt with airborne toxins.

Is it possible that the soldiers would have beeen wearing gas masks to protect them from whatever could be lurking in the air around the dying Buggers? 

What do you guys think? Does anyone else have any cool ideas as to why gas masks will be making an appearance in the movie?

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