Ender News Battle School -- Launch Date: May 20th!

 Hey guys! Great news: color codes have been assigned, the dormitories are spotless, and every last flash suit has been deodorized. Battle School Armies launch on May 20th, 2012 -- in just 2 weeks!

In EN Battle School, everyone begins their career as a Launchie. Once you prove yourself capable, you will be assigned to an army where you will compete with other armies to reach the top of the scoreboard. Initially only a regular soldier, you will be able to earn points for your army and work your way up to Toon Leader or even Commander of your army by participating in periodic challenges (such as designing your own futuristic magazine cover or creating an Ender's Game-esque recipe) and, most importantly, scoring big in Battleroom Battles.

A Battleroom Battle is a timed trivia challenge based on Ender's Game book and movie (cast, crew, settings, news) facts.  Each army member will be asked to answer 20 trivia questions as quickly as they can -- but be careful! Every false answer adds time to your score, and it's your end time that matters.

A few example questions:
What is the name of the IF officer who interrupts the Wiggin family's breakfast? (Colonel Hyrum Graff)
How many other boys were in Ender's launch? (19)
Who is the actor playing Bean in the upcoming Ender's Game movie? (Aramis Knight)
So it's time to brush up on your Ender's Game trivia -- or to read the book if you haven't already!

Click HERE to read the full Army F.A.Q. and find out how to sign up before everything launches on May 20th.

Meet other Ender's Game fans and pass the time until November 2013 -- your new army is just 2 weeks away! :)
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