EN on the "Ender's Game" Set

As some of you may already know, this past Tuesday I had the huge privilege of flying to New Orleans to visit the Ender's Game set and meeting the incredible people who have been working these past few months and years to bring this powerful story to the big screen come November 2013. So many lovely, busy people took time out of their day to sit and talk with us and I can honestly say I've never felt more welcome anywhere.

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I wish I could blog and blog about all of the amazing things I saw and heard, the craziness I was allowed to touch and poke at, and then confuse you all by waxing poetic on socks and Pop-Tarts. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have to keep it all to myself -- and, as I've seen their time-out room, I'm definitely not willing to risk it. ;)

All I can say is this: every single person I spoke to on Tuesday is a passionate, sincere fan of Card's novel. The professionals working on this project have such an intense respect for the heart and soul behind Ender's Game and I was blown away by the realization that "getting it right" is just as important to all of them as it is to all of us.

Now I'm back home, completely content and humbled by the fact that some people's imaginations are just so much bigger than mine, a feeling I will be carrying with me for a very long time.

526 days, guys. Somehow it never seemed quite so far away. :)

Edit:  Read more set reports from Cassandra over at the Ansible and Crystal from EnderNet, who were also also around to share in this crazy experience!
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