EN Battle School Armies -- Battle #1 Round-Up

A week has passed since Battle School was launched here on Ender News and the first battle is officially over. Let's see who came out on top:

Leopard Army ended Battle #1 in first place with 84 points and have thus moved their army to the top of the standings. Congratulations, Leopards!

At the top of our individual soldier standings is the aptly-named Ender from Badger Army, who finished the battle in 429 seconds. Well done!

All of the other soldiers have spent enough time "flapping around like drunken ducks" and are now prepared for Battle #2, which begins today. Head over to the Battle Room to show off your Ender's Game trivia skills. Don't forget: it's your end time that matters and you can't pause the clock so don't start the battle if you don't have time to participate -- and watch out for typos! Every wrong answer adds 45 seconds to your score.

Are you interested in being assigned to an army but don't enough points to join yet? For a limited time, you can post in the Battle School forums and ask to be promoted!


Last week's challenge was to come up with clever Ender's Game taglines for the upcoming movie. Many people participated and the submissions were all loads of fun to read. Here are some of our favorites:
In saving humanity, will he lose his own? November 2013
A boy. A game. A war.
A new kind of war. A new kind of training. A new kind of battle. Welcome to Battle School.  -  Join your Army, November 2013
For Ender Wiggin, the game has only just begun.
November 2013: Come to Fairyland, but don't drink anything.
This November, think like a bugger.
Prepare for the Third Invasion. 
This week's challenge: choose any popular (or unpopular) song and change the lyrics to make them Ender's Game-relevant. Everyone can participate whether they are in an army or not: click here to find out more!


Has everyone checked out the new and improved Battle School forum? Every army now has their own private barracks where soldiers can talk amongst themselves and even strategize for upcoming battles. We've also included a footer at the bottom of all of EN's pages where you can easily access such things as the Battle Room, army rankings, and the official Ender's Game production blog.

To all the American Launchies, Happy Memorial Day! :)
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