Casting Rumor: Jacob Leinbach to Portray Battle School Student "Mick"

A credible source informed us today that Jacob Leinbach, an American actor best known for his role as "Brad" in the coming of age drama The Wise Kids, will be portraying Battle School student "Mick" in the upcoming Ender's Game movie.

Mick is the older student who, in the novel, approaches Ender his first time in the mess hall, steals his pudding, and admits he's nothing really more than "half-iced bugger-fodder." He advises Ender to "kiss butts" if he has to so that he doesn't end up like him, the only student from his original launch group who doesn't yet command his own army.

Jacob began acting at age six when he was casted as "Theo" in a local theater production of Pippin.  He later appeared as orphaned child "Michael" in the WWII short Kilroy was Here and in the 2009 sci-fi thriller Eyeborgs.
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