Production Blog #6 -- Gavin Hood, a Storyboard, and a Dare

The latest production blog has given us a picture of director Gavin Hood on the set of Ender's Game, along with a storyboard and a dare from Roberto Orci:


"Let's just hang the kids from bungee chords, roll camera for ten hours and see what we get!"  That was plan A.  Which is why we are not directing the movie and instead Gavin Hood is.  We never thought we would find a bigger fan of the novel than all of us until Gavin walked in the room.  Going back to his roots, Gavin decided to take on the challenge of adapting the novel himself, which gives him a huge advantage when it comes to directing it because he knows his script better than any of us.  And given the time limitations inherent in working with young actors, this movie would be impossible to complete without Gavin's preparation and passion.  Here you see him crossing off a completed shot of his detailed story boards in the zero g battle room where our young actors, in their zero g training suits, are showing off the high flying skills they've learned from our veteran stunt coordinator Garrett Warren.

How much, indeed? Who wants to give it a go?

My friend Aidan sent in a couple zoomed in/stretched images that might help us out a bit:

Click here and here to enlarge!

The bottom left seems to be a picture of Ender (or one of the kids) using some sort of hand-held controller -- the game room, maybe? Or possibly the Command School's simulator?

Elizabeth from the Ansible made some great points: I see what you're saying, how it looks like it might be Ender at the controls of something, particularly that third sketch down. However, I have another idea: I think those first two images might be Ender (or other soldiers) jumping/falling into the battleroom. The third image down might be a shot from behind as they "fall." And I think the bottom left image is Ender holding his gun with both hands. He's wearing a space-suit type helmet, implying to me that he's in the battleroom and not in the game room. What do you think?

Comment and let us know what you can make out from the storyboard!


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