Production Blog #4 - Ender's World - A Look at Ender's Bedroom

Roberto Orci and the people behind the Ender's Game production blog have given us a really fun sneak peak at Ender Wiggin's bedroom this week:

The more futuristic the world, the more invisible its technology. So why shouldn’t Ender’s room look just like any normal kid’s room?  And not every future is a dark dystopia.  The world that Ender lives in is a world worth saving.  That’s why he is willing to leave his family to go into an orbiting Battle School and risk not seeing his sister, Valentine, again until they are both adults.  That doesn’t mean this world doesn’t have rules.  Ender’s parents had to get permission from the state to have a third child, and if Ender ever had any doubt if he was unwanted, his mother and father’s shock at having their son recruited to be a future leader and transferred to space makes it clear to him that they’ve always loved him.  They know that when Ender leaves the safety of his home, they will not be able to protect him any longer.  We will keep your room for you just as you left it, Ender…
I really like this one because I never imagined what Ender Wiggin's bedroom (whether he shared with Peter or not) would look like. In my head, I always pictured him in the sterile environment of Battle School or afterward when he had no real possessions of his own. 

In the world after the Second Invasion, it's great that the production team understands that a kid Ender's age would be absolutely obsessed with space and all that goes along with it: solar systems, space crafts, and Bugger masks would most likely be spilling out of their closets. Fun!

Don't forget: the production blog updates every Wednesday. :)
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