Production Blog #3 - Ender’s Days - Space Camp!

Hey, guys! Post #3 from the official production blog takes us behind-the-scenes at Space Camp! Check out what Asa, Aramis, Moises and Suraj were up to in February, before filming had even started:

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 “Houston, we have a problem.  We don’t know how to land the Shuttle.” Good thing it’s just a simulator safely on the ground at SPACE CAMP in Huntsville, Alabama.  Aramis, Moises, Asa & Suraj (pictured above from a monitor in the MISSION CONTROL ROOM ) and the rest of our cast agreed that to do Ender’s Game right, they had to train as though they were really headed into ZERO G.  And this wasn’t just an afternoon spent taking a vanity tour. From the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), which simulates extra-vehicular shuttle ­missions in Earth’s orbit, to the microgravity training chair that prepared astronauts for moonwalks during the Apollo program, the week at Space Camp was genuine prep for the feeling of reality that this movie deserves. And after all, the army that trains together stays together.
It's exciting to know that the actors working on Ender's Game are taking Zero G seriously -- after an experience at Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, they should be very well prepared, indeed.

You can read more about Space Camp here. :)

Happy Wednesday!
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