Producer Alex Kurtzman on the "Ender's Game" Adaptation: It Captures the Book's "Essence"

An MTV.com reporter recently spoke with producer Alex Kurtzman regarding his upcoming movie, People Like Us, and Kurtzman (co-writer and executive producer of the Star Trek film as well as the recent hit television series Fringe) had a few things to say about Ender's Game and its adaptation from book to film:
 "I'm really proud of the work everybody's done on "Ender's." Particularly because it's a very complicated sprawling book that a lot of people have tried for a very long time to figure out how to make," Kurtzman said.

 "[Director] Gavin Hood, the minute that we read his script we realized that in a miraculous way he'd managed to distill down the essence of the book and the big moves to a very understandable clear format," the writer continued. "He had made changes that were I think totally protective of the novel, he hasn't changed any of the plot, it's just about not being able to put all of it in one movie. He really distills it down to its essence in a beautiful way and that was an amazing thing to see. It's an amazing thing to see the movie come to life because it's such a special and different movie."
Kurtzman also had nothing but praises for the cast:
"Asa [Butterfield] is unbelievable in it. Hailee [Steinfeld] and Abigail [Breslin] are incredible. Harrison [Ford] and Viola [Davis] are just, they're weirdly exactly what you imagined when you read the book, or at least I did," he admitted. "It's really going to be a special movie. We're about halfway through it, maybe close to halfway but it's been a wonderful shoot so far."

"We're just happy to support the vision of the book," he added. "It's such a treasured novel and it's very rare that you get an opportunity to work on something like that so we were very psyched." (MTV)
So? Does this ease your worries or are you still concerned about the movie being untrue to the novel?

Somehow, it seems as though Ender's Game fans should be less and less worried about whether or not the Battle School kids are wearing socks.
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