New Roles in "Ender's Game" - Medical Personnel and Colonel Graff's Aide

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has once again been updated with some pretty interesting casting information:

Han Soto - Facebook
Han Soto, an actor who has over the past several years appeared as a minor character in many films and television series as well as done stunt work for the upcoming movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, has joined the Ender's Game cast and will appear alongside Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff's aide.

While no such character is specifically mentioned in the book, we can safely assume there are hundreds of Battle School staff members the readers are never introduced to, simply because many of them exist to Ender as nothing much more than background noise. As a Battle School administrator, Colonel Graff would most certainly have had an assistant.

Check out Han Soto's official site here or follow him on Twitter!

Wendy Miklovic and Joseph Uzzell
Two other characters have also been added to the cast: Wendy Miklovic and Joseph Uzzell are listed to be appearing in the Ender's Game movie as a doctor and a medic, respectively.

Miklovic, as well as working successfully as an actress, is also credited as a stunt performer in the box-office hit Green Lantern. According to IMDB, she also played the only female character in one of Universal Studios' Waterworld Spectacular shows.

Uzzell, too, has had other career pursuits besides acting: he spent many years as a street artist in the New Orleans French Quarter before moving northeast to join the corporate world. He is now back in NOLA and again working as an actor.

Whether these two characters are Battle School personnel or the doctors responsible for removing Ender's monitor at the beginning of the story is unclear at this time.
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