"Ender's Game" Release Date Pushed to November 1st, 2013

Summit Entertainment has announced today that the Ender's Game film, previously expected to hit U.S. theaters on March 15, 2013, has been pushed back to a November 1st, 2013 release date.

As of right now, most sources seem fairly unsure as to why the release date has been moved to November, though many are speculating that it is due to production issues and the intense visual effects work needed to bring Ender's Game to the big screen.

We will add more info here as we find things out -- stay tuned!

Edit: Producer Roberto Orci just tweeted the following: "dont mean to make you wait a bit longer, but we just got a ridiculously good release date for #EndersGame. Nov 1st, 2013 - thanks 4 input!"

From a financial stand-point, the holiday season has proven to be a  great time of year to release a blockbuster such as Ender's Game and Summit is probably more than thrilled to occupy this time slot, though it is very close to Catching Fire, also by Summit, set to open November 22, 2013. Are they possibly trying to merge fanbases? The Hollywood Reporter suggests they might be:
Lionsgate and Summit hope to boost interest in Ender's Game by opening it so closely to Catching Fire, since they can use the Hunger Games sequel to publicize Ender's Game. Also, delaying the release will allow Summit and Lionsgate to market and publicize a fully finished film. (Hood is still shooting.)

Edit: Variety is reporting that "an informed source indicated that the November date may have greater potential for the start of a potential franchise film and will allow Summit to take advantage of promo opportunities at next year's Comic-Con in July."

Keep your eyes peeled for the production blog update this Wednesday -- perhaps the release date push will be addressed then.

Only 571 days to go! ;)
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