Ongoing Rumor: Thaggard, Meyer, Stilson? Hmm.

Photo from IMDB.com
A few days ago, we reported about an interview Brendan Meyer gave which seemed to make it clear that he was playing the role of Stilson, despite rumors to the contrary after Caleb Thaggard was credited with the role in last week's press release.

Meyer is quoted as saying, "My character is Stilson, and he is kind of a bully to Ender at the beginning of the movie. At the start of the film, I give him a hard time and the movie shows how he reacts to me and what I'm doing to him." (Source)

So where does that leave Caleb Thaggard? After doing a bit of googling, it does seem that he's involved in the movie somehow. The question is: how?

My super cool theory: There are secretly two Stilsons, as Stilson is possibly the boy's last name. Caleb here is playing canon!Stilson's older brother who left for Battle School years ago. He collides with Ender accidentally in Null-G and, after realizing they are sort-of acquainted, this Stilson tells Ender about his little brother who really only hated Ender because of his Peter-esque jealousy issues regarding the monitor. Also, I'm pretty sure he'll be in Lion Army because look at that boy's hair.  :)

I'm sure I'm close, right?

( Please keep in mind that my above theory is just silliness and isn't to be taken for anything even remotely approaching "news." )

I'm sure we'll hear something soon. In the meantime, keep checking back, and let us know if you have anything to add!

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