Tony Mirrcandani Cast as Admiral Chamrajnagar

According to IMDB, Tony Mirrcandani, an Indian actor well-known in the Bollywood scene and in the U.S. for his role in the comedy When Harry Tries to Marry, has officially been cast as Admiral Chamrajnagar in the upcoming Ender's Game movie.

In the novel, Chamrajnagar serves as Strategos (a Greek word for "army leader" or "General") of the International Fleet and heads the Command School on Eros. He later becomes Polemarch (warlord) when the office of Strategos is thrown out, going on to later play a rather important role in the Ender's Shadow series - something which could possibly hint toward the direction Summit intends to head with any possible sequels.

Apart from his work in film, Mirrcandani is also a successful stage actor: he was cast as a leading role in Toby Gough's Merchants of Bollywood, a play which toured throughout Australia and much of Europe to rave reviews.

You can read Mirrcandani's full biography on his website here.
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