Interview: Brendan Meyer

LA Teen Festival published an interview with Brendan Meyer in this month's issue of their magazine which you can read in full here (pages are turnable at the bottom).

Brendan speaks about:
- his love for Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, Titus, and Richard III are his favorites)
- his role on Disney as Mr. Young in Disney XD
- possibly one day working behind the scenes
- which actors he'd love to work with
- being a huge golf fan!

The interview also makes it very clear that he will be playing the role of Stilson -- so consider that rumor to the contrary squashed until we specifically hear otherwise.

Edit - March 07, 2012 - Due to a scheduling conflicing, Meyer will no longer be playing the role of "Stilson" in Ender's Game. He has been replaced by Caleb J. Thaggard.

 Check it out!
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