Breslin: Stunt Double?

While browsing IMDB this past week, I noticed that Valentine actress Abigail Breslin has a stunt double listed: Kristina Baskett. With a huge background in collegiate gymnastics, Baskett has done a lot of stunt work for ABC's Make It Or Break It, a teen drama about elite gymnasts and their struggles on the road to the Olympic Games. She can also be seen as a stunt double in the upcoming comedy film The Baytown Disco which is being released later this year.

My question is: Why does Valentine Wiggin's actress need a stunt double? And, if a stunt double is needed, why a gymnast? I've been racking my brain trying to think of any instance in the book of Valentine even getting her nails dirty, and I'm coming up blank.

Here are the scenes from the book I recall Valentine appearing in (possible spoilers):

- Ender leaving for Battle School
- Demosthenes/Locke
- Graff and the Letter
- The Lake
- Speaker for the Dead

I suppose the scene on the lake seems the most likely but I doubt they have Valentine doing swan dives off the raft. Perhaps Breslin isn't overly comfortable in the water? Or maybe they've added a scene where she and Peter scuffle in the woods and she does some tree-top acrobatics... a bit out-of-character, but theoretically cool.

What do you guys think? Is there something I don't understand about the term "stunt" as opposed to "body" double? Could it possibly just be a standard contractual agreement? Have they turned the middle Wiggin into a ninja? Someone help me out here.

Edit - Some new ideas: Katy in the comments pointed out that Valentine occasionally appears in Ender's dreams and also the Fantasy Game, both of which are occasions a stunt double may need to be used. :)
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