Orson Scott Card on the Ender’s Game Movie

At least as good as the book, we hope better because [dramatic pause] it'll be shorter! We have to cut out a lot. I mean I can tell you that the plan right now is Ender agrees to go to battle school there at home and the next thing we see is he's walking in the door to Bonzo's army and everything in between is there to read in the book. But we will cut straight to the chase because we have to get him out of Battle School halfway through this movie or we don't have time to make the ending work. That's what we found out draft after draft. […] We're not going to spend a lot of time in the battleroom. It'll be great; It'll look terrific. When you see it you go ‘Yes! That's just how I hoped it would be! That's- they did a wonderful job.' And then you won't have to look at it much because we'll go on with the story, because it's a human story. It's not a sports story or even a military story. It's about human relationships.
- October 2010
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